Venice, Italy

Venice. What can I say? I absolutely love this city. From the moment we arrived, it felt like magic!

We arrived in Venice on a Friday morning. We were catching a cruise to Greece and Croatia from there the next day. Since we were only staying one night, we wanted to get there as early as possible and take advantage of the day. We took the bus from the airport and it dropped us off about a six minute walk to our hotel. Venice is a city of only canals, so your transportation options are boats or your two feet 🙂 We made sure to pick a hotel close to where we’d be dropped off, as well as close to the port since we’d be leaving on a cruise.

I was in awe as soon as we stepped off of the bus. Everything was so beautiful! I had to stop on our way to the hotel to get this picture:The hotel itself was gorgeous! We stayed at the Papadopoli Hotel Veniezia by MGallery. It had just been renovated one month prior to us arriving and you could tell. It was fantastic. Check-in was seamless and our room was ready before check-in. We booked an Elegant Superior Room because we know the rooms in Europe are usually on the smaller side. This room was everything we could’ve asked for!

 After taking a quick nap, we hit the streets! We were only in Venice for a day and a half, so we wanted to see as much as we could. There are no cars in Venice, so you either have to walk or take a boat. We caught a water taxi over to the Rialto Bridge. We could’ve taken a gondola, but at 100+ euro we passed on that! We walked around that area, had some dinner and had quite an interesting walk back to the hotel.

The next day, we got up to take some pictures and head to the ship! As the ship was leaving Venice, you could see the entire city. It was beautiful! We really enjoyed Venice. I would return there in a heartbeat.



Capri, Italy

CapriCapri, Italy.

One of my favorites places that I’ve ever been to. Capri is an island off of the coast of Italy that can only be reached by boat or helicopter. W and I went three years ago as a part of what we called our European Adventure. It was one of the stops on a 7-day Mediterranean cruise out of Barcelona (more on that to come!).

Our ship docked in Naples, Italy. From there we took a hydrofoil over to Capri. A hydrofoil is basically a ferry, but it moves a lot faster. They left about every half hour or so, so we just waited for the next one that left. The ride was about an hour and unfortunately, our ferry had no air conditioning. It was awful! Between the heat and people around us getting sea sick, it was probably one of the worst rides of my life. When we saw land come into view, we could not be happier. As soon as we docked, we ran off of the boat! We made our way to the public bus stop so we could head to Anacapri. We had A LOT we wanted to see, so we were definitely on the move.

Being from NYC, we’re used to taking public transportation. However, the public buses here were on a different level. They looked almost like passenger vans, except a bit bigger and PACKED with people. People just hopped on and fit where they could. This would’ve been fine, except to get to Anacapri you have to go up very narrow and windy roads. We were sliding from one side of the bus to the other the entire ride! The plus side of this was that the views were phenomenal. I mean, if could see those views on my daily commute, I’d be a bit happier.

  Once we arrived in Anacapri, we stopped to get some food as we were already hungry from our travels and then made our way to the chairlift. The chairlift was the coolest (and scariest) thing we did in Capri. It’s literally a seat that has a bar across your lap. There’s no locking mechanism so you just have to sit back the entire ride. It takes you to the summit of Monte Solaro, where the views are breathtaking. The views during the chairlift were pretty great as well.

After coming down from the chairlift, we made our way back down to Capri where we walked around and enjoyed the town. It’s definitely a city that is more affluent, based on the types of shops we saw. All of the major Italian brands were represented of course (Gucci, Prada, etc.) Overall, we really enjoyed the island and would love to go back and stay one day!






Wealth Mindset

Image result for 1997 chevy black

As I was scrolling through Facebook today, I came across an article that said NBA superstar player Kawhi Leonard still drives a ’97 Chevy even though he has a 94 MILLION dollar contract.You’ve all seen this car before.

It’s not the prettiest looking thing(especially not being brand new) but his reasoning is: it runs and it is paid off. My first reaction: a round of applause. If more people thought this way, there would be more millionaires and billionaires in the world. As I am getting older, the value of material things gets less and less and the prospect of wealth and stability become more and more valuable. Wes and I are working toward building wealth and preparing for retirement (we’ll be sharing more about that soon). I want to be in a better standing than my parents were and I want my children to be in a better standing than I was. I know a lot of people that wish they had had better financial plans at 24 years old. Kawhi is on the right track to be well established for the rest of his life and not just for the rest of his career.

I have to do what?!

Times have changed. Gone is the notion of  the stay at home woman. The average woman these days has a career, in addition to taking care of the home. (And as I’m typing this, I’m waiting for dinner to finish, drying my hair and completing my lesson plans for tomorrow).  This was something that I personally struggled with when we first got married. The thought of trying to build a career (and being fully vested in it) as well as building a home was no less than daunting. When Wesley and I got married, I was teaching full-time and was in school full-time. I barely had enough time to sleep, let alone cook dinner every night.  So when he would get upset that things around the house weren’t done, or we were eating take out one more time, I would also get upset. Why couldn’t he just understand that Iwas busy? Why was he putting me back in the 1950’s?

Then after the umpteenth disagreement, we sat and really hashed out what our expectations were of our roles as husband and wife. The expectations we both had were based on how we were brought up. In Wesley’s family, the women took care of the house. No question. In my family, the women worked and brought home the money. My mother was as single mother, so a strong, working woman was my model. We decided to agree on the roles both of us would have. I would assume the household duties when I could. When I was busy or had deadlines, he would pick up where I left off. It wasn’t fair to him to have to do it all by himself. We both cook, clean and do laundry. And this works for us.

When I agreed to become Wesley’s wife, I agreed to be one half of our unit. So using work and life as an excuse to get out of that wasn’t ok.  I promised to take care of him and our family. And the same for him.  If this means that some days, work goes on the back burner so that I can make his favorite meal, then so be it. If it means doing a little more planning on the weekend, so that during the week I can be “present”, fine. These are the compromises you make when you love someone. And you do it because it makes them happy, which makes you happy. Meeting the needs of your partner (or at least trying to) is crucial in maintaining a relationship. But that’s another post. 🙂

Love Literally.