Meal Prep: A Love and Hate Relationship


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How many times have you gotten home on a weekday and cooking was the LAST thing you wanted to do? Go on. Raise your hand 🙂  After working all day, no one wants to come home and have to make dinner. In these situations, you either suck it up and cook  or end up ordering out. Wes and I would often end up doing the latter. *hangs head in shame*

This was a bad habit for us for a few reasons. We had started to eat really clean and the food we ordered was NOT. We were also spending a ton of money on food, when we had already spent money on groceries for that week. So we decided to look into meal prep. I know, I know. When you think of meal prep, you think of  the images on Instagram of celebrities ordering pre-cooked meals delivered to your door. That not it! For the every day person, meal prep is planning and cooking your meals ahead of time for the week. We have a love and hate relationship with meal prep for two reasons. 1: It saves us so much time in the week while allowing us to stick to the way we eat! This is clutch if you have crazy schedules like Wes and I. Even more so if you eat the way we do (mostly clean!). 2: It’s just so freaking time consuming. We usually take a few hours on Saturday or Sunday to prep and it can be exhausting at times. But if you compare that to the time you save in the week, it’s worth it!

When we first started, we literally just “googled” clean eating meal prep recipes. We experimented with a bunch of different sources until we realized that all w had to do was make what we liked, in a way that would keep well, and double the recipe. We did that for a while, until we got tired of all of our recipes. We then went back to the drawing board (aka Google) for some more recipe inspiration. So far it’s been working out well! And it’s three years in the making. We’re going to post some more about meal planning and prep, but for now, we’ll leave you with some of our favorite sites for some inspiration!  We’ll also leave a link to one of the first sites we used as an intro to meal prep. Happy prepping!

Introduction to Meal Prep:

Our favorite sites:

Pinch of Yum:


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