2017: Accountability and Application

The focus of the year 2016 for Wesley and I was relationships (the importance of them, maintaining, fostering and ending them). Because of our relationships, we accomplished the goals we set for 2016 and we were able to help other people meet theirs.

Now, in 2017, we want to focus on accountability and application.

Accountability can mean a lot of things. To us, it means accepting responsibility for your actions and how they affect others. In life, we become automatically accountable to other people. As a child, you are accountable to your parents. As you get older, you become accountable to you friends, your boss, your partner, etc. But there is a difference when you become willing to be accountable. Instead of doing things because you should, you do them because you want to. This invites another level of commitment to your every day actions. Choosing accountability also means expecting people to hold you to your responsibilities and your standards. You invite those moments of reinforcement and embrace them, instead of becoming defensive. I can’t get mad if Wesley points out the fact that I agreed to cook dinner and I didn’t. I won’t be surprised if I wrote a terrible lesson and received some not so nice feedback. These are all things that keep me accountable.

Application is using what you’ve learned in life to reach your goals. Something Wes and I are both guilty of is doubting ourselves. Of course, this is a normal human emotion. But sometimes it is okay to know that you know. It’s time to get out there and show and prove! For example, although we’re young, we’ve both been in our respective fields for over 5 years. But we let the fact that we are on the younger side dictate our actions when it shouldn’t. This is even more relevant in our lives outside of work. We place a lot of emphasis on personal growth. Even in our own social relationships, the ideas of communication and understanding that we impart on each other should be given to others.

What are your goals for 2017? Don’t have any? It’s never too late to set a goal for yourself!

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