Blue Hill at Stone Barns!

In celebration of Fall, Wes and I decided to visit a place we’ve been dying to visit. If you’ve ever seen “Chef’s Table” on Netflix, you’ll recognize this place! Blue Hill at Stone Barns! In the show, the owner/chef of the restaurant Blue Hill was featured for their innovative approach to food. The restaurant sources directly from the farm as well as help run the Stone Barns Center. Once I found out that this place was in Pocantico Hills, New York, I KNEW I had to visit! So on this random Friday in November, Wes and I decided  to go! We bought tickets for an all access tour, where’d we see the inner workings of the farm. As soon as we drove up to the farm, the views were incredible!

We checked into the tour and it began right on time. The first place we were were taken was: the restaurant! I eagerly hustled into the restaurant and was shocked by how small it was. (This would explain the three month wait list to eat there!) We walked through the kitchen, turned a corner and there. was. Dan. Barber. I squealed (quietly) in excitement as he was in his daily meeting with his other chefs. Our tour guide quickly hustled us out and I was already satisfied with this tour. As we walked out of the restaurant, we walked past the bakery to where they keep and grow herbs. It was amazing how even this shed was picturesque.


We then continued the tour by visiting the various places on the farm. We were able to see where the animals were kept (chicken coops, turkeys (!)) as well as where the food was grown. One of the most interesting parts of the tour was the greenhouse. It was HUGE! It was amazing to see!  img_9206           img_9208

The greenhouse isn’t the only place where food is grown. We were walking by trees and bushes and picking fruit/vegetables right off of them!


After the tour, we were able to grab some food from the cafe’ and grain bar. Everything was very good! (as expected!) Because we wanted to try everything, we looked like we were eating for 5 (ha!). One of the best things we had was their butternut squash soup. It was probably the best we’ve ever had. After lunch, we decided to walk around the grounds a bit more. It is really a beautiful (and big!) farm.


If you live in the five boroughs or are visiting NYC, we highly recommend Stone Barns!


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